M24643 (MIL-C-24643)

PART NO.                             MIL-SPEC NO.      


LSSSGU-50                          M24643/14-01-UN 


LSSSGU-75                          M24643/14-02-UN    


LSSSGU-100                        M24643/14-03-UN   


LSSSGU-200                        M24643/14-04-UN  


LSSSGU-300                        M24643/14-05-UN   


LSSSGU-400                        M24643/14-06-UN


LSSSGU-650                        M24643/14-07-UN    


LSSSGU-800                        M24643/14-08-UN


LSSSGU-1000                     M24643/14-09-UN   


LSSSGU-1600                     M24643/14-10-UN


LSSSGU-2000                     M24643/14-11-UN


LSSSGA-50                          M24643/14-01-AN 


LSSSGA-75                          M24643/14-02-AN


LSSSGA-100                        M24643/14-03-AN


LSSSGA-200                        M24643/14-04-AN


LSSSGA-300                        M24643/14-05-AN


LSSSGA-400                        M24643/14-06-AN


LSSSGA-650                        M24643/14-07-AN


LSSSGA-800                        M24643/14-08-AN 


LSSSGA-1000                      M24643/14-09-AN


LSSSGA-1600                      M24643/14-10-AN


LSSSGA-2000                      M24643/14-11-AN          




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