MIL-SPEC NO.                    SAE NO.
MIL-W-22759/1            SAE AS22759/1
MIL-W-22759/2            SAE AS22759/2
MIL-W-22759/3            SAE AS22759/3
MIL-W-22759/4            SAE AS22759/4
MIL-W-22759/5            SAE AS22759/5
MIL-W-22759/6            SAE AS22759/6
MIL-W-22759/7            SAE AS22759/7
MIL-W-22759/8            SAE AS22759/8
MIL-W-22759/9            SAE AS22759/9
MIL-W-22759/10          SAE AS22759/10
MIL-W-22759/11          SAE AS22759/11
MIL-W-22759/12          SAE AS22759/12
MIL-W-22759/13          SAE AS22759/13
MIL-W-22759/14          SAE AS22759/14
MIL-W-22759/15          SAE AS22759/15
MIL-W-22759/16          SAE AS22759/16
MIL-W-22759/17          SAE AS22759/17
MIL-W-22759/18          SAE AS22759/18
MIL-W-22759/19          SAE AS22759/19
MIL-W-22759/20          SAE AS22759/20
MIL-W-22759/21          SAE AS22759/21
MIL-W-22759/22          SAE AS22759/22
MIL-W-22759/23          SAE AS22759/23
MIL-W-22759/28          SAE AS22759/28
MIL-W-22759/29          SAE AS22759/29
MIL-W-22759/30          SAE AS22759/30
MIL-W-22759/31          SAE AS22759/31
MIL-W-22759/32          SAE AS22759/32
MIL-W-22759/33          SAE AS22759/33
MIL-W-22759/34          SAE AS22759/34
MIL-W-22759/35          SAE AS22759/35
MIL-W-22759/41          SAE AS22759/41
MIL-W-22759/42          SAE AS22759/42
MIL-W-22759/43          SAE AS22759/43
MIL-W-22759/44          SAE AS22759/44
MIL-W-22759/45          SAE AS22759/45
MIL-W-22759/46          SAE AS22759/46
MIL-DTL-22759/80       SAE AS22759/80
MIL-DTL-22759/81       SAE AS22759/81
MIL-DTL-22759/82       SAE AS22759/82
MIL-DTL-22759/83       SAE AS22759/83
MIL-DTL-22759/84       SAE AS22759/84
MIL-DTL-22759/85       SAE AS22759/85
MIL-DTL-22759/86       SAE AS22759/86
MIL-DTL-22759/87       SAE AS22759/87
MIL-DTL-22759/88       SAE AS22759/88
MIL-DTL-22759/89       SAE AS22759/89
MIL-DTL-22759/90       SAE AS22759/90
MIL-DTL-22759/91       SAE AS22759/91
MIL-DTL-22759/92       SAE AS22759/92

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